oh oh oh oh OBAMA!


obama_1Are you allowed to say the word “dildo” on the internet?  Because that’s exactly what this is.

Oh man I don’t know what to say, snarky comment overload…

I think I got to go to bed on this one, leave the sarcastic remarks to the comment section.

Courtesy of the Washington City Paper.

For all of you sickos, you can buy it at headostate.com


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4 Responses to “oh oh oh oh OBAMA!”

  1. sly Says:

    the acadeemicks could right bouks about this! They could. however. write books about anything. domo. kyle. domo ariagato awesome kyle!
    I am going to go fuck my boyfriend with his Abraham Lincoln vibrator while he rubs my Charles Dickens and grabs my Jewish Grover Cleveland ass. yea.
    awesome kyle, lemme buy you a drink. let’s smoke a peace pipe, come on.
    anybody ever tell you you look like tony curtis?! uhm, I had a wonderful dream. I was sortin your shells and mixin your cocktails. and when i woke up i wanted to swim right back to you. some like it hot. d’you ever see it? did you ever see some like it hot? it’s not a tough question.
    deep nose breath. beatchelar pertty. no, no wife. i don’t have a wife, although i did have one once. i’m not sad. anyway, maybe you should take your hand off my thigh. goodnight

  2. awesomekyle Says:


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    […] will I be able to continue this blog if there’s no more Obama dildos, no more Obama plungers, no more quarters with the word “Obama” written with a […]

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