Obama Plunger

Obama Plunger

As far as commemorative plungers go, wait… commemorative plungers?

Yes.  That’s right.  What better way to commemorate the election of our nation’s 44th president than to… uhhh.

I need coffee.

The plunger comes complete with certificate of authenticity.  Apparently they’ve been having a problem with counterfeit plungers.  A lot of unscrupulous people out there just trying to make a quick buck.

Certificate of authenticity

Counterfeiting plungers is deplorable.

Plunger features the words “Obama 08” on the handle and “Joe the Plumber” on the uhhh… plunger part.

This one comes to us from the lovely people at eBay, from a seller in Scranton, PA.  Home of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and the Office.

There’s even a promotional video:

This, quite frankly, I could do without.


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