Dope for a better tomorrow

Freedom Horse

Freedom Horse

The Smoking Gun reports that police in Upstate New York broke up a narcotics operation selling dope under the brand name “Obama Heroin”.  TSG also reports that branding drugs is a favorite pastime of drug pushers, who have also sold Bin Laden Heroin, Teletubbies Cocaine, and green crack in honor of St. Patrick’s day.

On a similar but unrelated note, our crack staff at Inappropriate Obama Merchandise has received transcripts of a wiretapped conversation between embattled Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich (AKA The Rodfather) and Mr. Obama:

		                DON OBAMA a man makes his living is
		none of my business.  But this
		proposition of yours is too risky.
		All the people in my family lived
		well the last ten years, I won't
		risk that out of greed.

		Are you worried about security for
		your million?


		The DNC will guarantee your
		investment also.

	This startles JOE BIDEN; he blurts out.

		The DNC guarantees our investment?

	BLAGOJEVICH hears him first, and then very slowly turns to face
	him.  Everyone is the room knows that JOE BIDEN has stepped out
	of line.

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