Chia Obama: Ch-ch-ch-change we can believe in


Ch-ch-ch-change we can believe inDo you remember the Chia Pet?  The product that, until recently, held the record for the most annoying commercial ever?

Those nutty folks at Joseph Enterprises are at it once again, proving that crappy Obama merchandise is a recession-proof industry.  Introducing the :::shudders::: Chia Obama!


The Chia Obama comes in both “Determined Chia Obama pose” and “Happy Chia Obama” pose. Coming soon, the “Shirtless Chia Obama pose“.

According to the company’s website, you can expect full growth in 1-2 weeks, and you can reuse your Chia Obama indefinitely.

Indefinitely?  You mean until the plant dies.  Seriously, who buys replacement Chia seed?  And what the hell is chia anyway?

As long as we’re reliving commercials from my childhood, I wanted to share with you this.

Hat tip to high school chum Isaac for letting me know about this.


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