A carbonation divided: Soda populism


Soda PopulismAh energy drinks.  Is there anything harder to swallow?  One enterprising Frenchman has decided to capitalize on President Obama’s popularity in Europe by releasing Obama Soda.  YES WE SODA CAN!

The drinks are a big hit with French teens.  As NPR (my mom’s favorite news source.  Hi mom!) explains:

“I love Obama cola. This is the first time I’ve tasted it,” says Muhammed Cherki, 11. Cherki says he’s sure he could become president of France — but that he’d rather be a chef or the mayor of Hollywood.

Yes… Mayor of Hollywood… Uh, wow.  This from the same people that eat snails and think this guy is funny…

I have to be truthful, however.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the rapper 50 cent lately.  He’s made quite a name for himself, mostly by starting random beef with people he doesn’t know.  Starting beef is a surefire way to gain publicity.  It worked for Tupac and Biggie, as well as Jay-Z and Nas.

Well, now’s my turn.  I’m calling out Nice Deb, a conservative blog which also reports about inappropriate Obama merchandise, but from a right-wing perspective.  Although I don’t know this person, I am prepared to make the following statement:

Yo Nice Deb, you’re mad wack.  You call that a blog?  That’s the sorriest excuse for a blog I’ve ever seen.  I find your opinions laughable, and I believe you to be a hater.  Wassamatta, beeeotch?  ‘Fraid of a little change?

Nice Deb, if you have any cojones you will respond and we will have a blog-off.  I’m waiting.


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