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Super Obama World


Super Obama WorldYou blow into the cartridge.  It doesn’t work.  You blow a little harder this time.  Still nothing.  Finally, you call your older brother to help you.  He blows in the cartridge just right.  You turn the game on and hear that trademark “ding”.  You know you are in for some oldschool videogame fun.

Tragically, most of our moms have since discarded our precious vintage video game systems.  But have no fear, for Zensoft brings us Super Obama World, a Marioesque game without the hassle of antique electronics.

But alas, in the age of the 24 hour news cycle, the game is now woefully outdated.  The main nemeses are pigs wearing lipstick, a passé reference to a certain lipstick wearing hockey mom who has since faded into irrelevance.

But fear not, new levels are coming soon.  Maybe a level where Obama forces the stimulus bill down the throat of Mitch McConnell?  That’d be fun.